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A fintech consultant advises companies on fintech services, their development, and their implementation. A professional consultant ensures that fintech solutions address the company’s needs, comply with financial regulations, and align with the company’s budget and technical capabilities. A fintech consultant is a technology expert (or a team of experts) with an in-depth understanding of fintech trends and financial regulations.

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Well, when we see our favourite consultants…  Daniel, Joe, Paul, Nicolas, Olivier, Benjamin…. Well… passion… they breath fintech companies spirit and understand their development standard. They are perfect mediators to create growth and often know when to remove the marketing hype to make sure that your firm will find answers though request for information or request for proposals. Our digital finance consulting firm conducts a thorough security assessment and makes specific advice on how to test and upgrade safety features, reduce business risks, and maintain your reputation.

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But PwC’s Global Fintech Report showed that 42% of surveyed companies struggled to find the right specialist. Toptal’s managed Fintech teams identify patterns, opportunities, and threats to your business while building managed dashboards, applications, and algorithms to make sense of your customer data. Mauro has helped more than ten privately owned companies raise $150+ million in debt bonds in the international market and improved their financial management—including cash management and forecasting. He has created, managed, and improved the financial processes and forecasts for startups, mid-size companies, and large corporations (HP).

fin tech consultant

Some of the reasons for that are bug-free, easy-to-understand code, and secured scalable backend architecture. Logically assumed we could say that if the specialist can develop high-quality products, it means that they could advise on how to create one. Look through the team members and test their skills if needed before making up your mind to partner with the company. Fintech consulting companies not only help startups and businesses get to the bottom of modern technologies but also assess companies’ compliance with local regulations.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most common benefits fintech consultant specialists can bring to your business. London-based ACME-Payments (name changed to protect client confidentiality) How to Show Remote Work Experience on Your Resume is a mid-market, B2C fintech platform with g … Freelancers usually cost less in the long run than hiring a company or adding a full-time employee to your team.

Fintech companies emerged as a competition to traditional financial services provided by banks and quickly gained a massive pool of users due to increased digitalization, simplicity, and user-friendliness. In our time, we witness banks, insurance companies, trade unions, fintech companies, startups, and other financial service providers shifting a big chunk of their commercial operations into the digital sphere. There are several reasons for this, apart from the lockdown and COVID pandemic status turned on in countries all over the world. One of the reasons is the growing confidence in emerging technologies that can provide the highest level of security and protection for our sensitive financial data. That’s why without thinking we are eager to download different financial apps, connect our banking cards, and provide passwords and logins. Trust is generally a valuable category in the fintech world, if not the fundamental one.

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While your in-house team may handle common challenges, having an experienced specialist is essential to explore new opportunities. The fintech industry is incredibly successful and has a wide range of development areas – banking, insurance, lending, investing, etc. Fintech provides many opportunities for product development, evolution, and profitability, but at the same time, its existence in this industry requires a unique approach, extensive expertise, and insights. To assist the clients in implementing technological advancement, Fintech Consulting offers comprehensive services and insights to every organization. From Non-proprietary to proprietary software, financial consulting provides efficient and reliable technologies, tools, and platforms for customers. It’s important to take advantage of open banking and PSD2 as it consolidates the offerings in one location.

Collaborate with DashDevs to build payment functionality that is seamless and error-free for users. Our financial software consulting company offers advice on the transfer of funds, account transactions, fee computations, and anti-money laundering procedures. Leveraging our deep expertise in fintech, Softjourn created a seamless UI/UX design to consolidate reporting processes, maximizing efficiency for users. Our insights and expertise in the fintech space enabled us to create a UI/UX design that was responsive, easy to use, and perfectly suited to the demands of the banking and finance sectors. Our Solution’s Architect was involved in the project and created a vision of the business logic on a technical level. We were proactive in recommending high-level solutions and a structured plan for Card Tent.

Transform your operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes, reveal digital opportunities and unlock massive savings. Scott had a lot of finance experience which he used to ask the right questions and help us do things more quickly than we would have done without him. The commission model is crucial to us being able to scale, he integrated seamlessly with our finance team and efficiently got us the outputs we needed. We serve as PCI DSS attorneys, advising you on integration tactics, security approaches, and forthcoming updates to help you simplify the certification process. If you want to use biometric to additionally secure prepaid cards, we can help you set up biometrics in your payment system. Users will use their biometric information instead of pin to keep their financial information protected.