Taktakenéz Open School Event – report

The first Hungarian Open School Knowledge Sharing Forum of the project was held in Taktakenéz, on 28 April 2022. 20 participants, facilitators and invited speakers attended the event. The community was represented by local teachers, parents, representatives of the local municipality and the minority municipality.

Invited speakers were:

Tiborné Molnár, head of the institution – Petőfi Sándor Elementary School, Taktakenéz.

How do we prepare students for further education?

Eszter Tarnóczi, family support worker

What are the obstacles faced by parents of our students?

Tibor Derdák, director – Ámbédkar School, Miskolc

One way – presenting options

Márta Bukta, Director General – Szerencs Vocational Training Centre

Career and flexible learning pathways in VET – the transformation of VET since 2020

In the framework of the workshop, the following issues were discussed in 3 groups:

What community solutions can secondary schools and the community think of to prevent student drop-out?

What can primary schools offer to students in secondary school?

What can secondary schools do to keep students in school at the level of the student and the family? The participants came up with creative and forward-looking solutions. The event was a success and was felt to be professionally useful and fruitful by both Inclusion4schools staff, speakers and local community members.