Project plans

D6.1. Dissemination & Exploitation Plan

Deliverable D6.1 Communication and Exploitation Plan is addressing the communication and exploitation strategy of the Inclusion4Schools project during its duration of 48 months and delivers standards for the internal and external, online and offline project communication and serves as a comprehensive concept for dissemination activities together with the exploitation tools. This is crucial for the long-term impact of the project, as the project seeks to make a substantial transformation of educational practices. Communication serves to deliver the project’s messages to the target groups, to reach a broad public audience to strive against segregation and share knowledge on best practices of inclusion, and offer a forum for discussion about reversing inequalities in education. To achieve the project’s objectives strategic, effective and organised communication is required. In order to reach aforementioned aims and objectives the present communication strategy covers the following activities and tools:

  • Preliminary considerations on strategy and process;
  • Further definition of aims and objectives;
  • Reference to the project identity;
  • Deduction of key messages;
  • Identification of stakeholders and target audiences;
  • Methods and binding standards for internal and external project communication;
  • Further development of online and offline tools with a major focus on the web platform and on social media incl. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn;
  • Standards to obtain feedback on the communication strategy including reporting and monitoring;
  • Templates for project related communication and dissemination activities.

All communication and dissemination activities are based on an integrated concept of communication implemented by a directed joint effort of all I4S consortium partners led by RCISD.

Exhaustive description on the different online and offline tools of our project can be found in D6.2. Online communication tools: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and D6.3-Offline communication materials.