Project reports

MS21: First interim meeting online

Two project interim meetings were held in the 1st year of the project, both online, depending on the epidemiological situation: one in month 8 (June 17-18) and one in month 12 (October 25-26). In addition to the PO, we also invited the coordinators of the two RIA projects to the interim meeting in June and held a steering board discussion. At the October meeting, we presented the results of the first year with the participation of the PO and agreed on the tasks related to the periodic report.

The scope of the meetings was to ensure the smooth communication between the partners following a harmonized, participatory approach among the work packages and among all participants in the coordination of the project activities. It was conducted at the end of the first project year with the natural focus on the assessment of the project achievements made so far, and on the planning of the action during the next project period.