Project reports

The CSA’s first summer/winter school -M30 event report

Professional development and forms of competence in teaching are usually described
as mastery of skills and procedures related to new methodologies and methods,
problem solving, critical reflection, innovation, etc.
Within a 3-day event it is advisable to select only a few – but essential – focuses which
may then inspire the participants to continue with self-development.
A sense of belonging and a feeling of fulfilment are at the core of teacher engagement,
hence community building and exchanging experiences are of paramount importance.
Confidence and empowerment help foster a positive professional culture.
Therefore, the teacher development training has been designed to give an
introduction and provide exposure to such learning experiences and innovative
methods which help master and practise such competencies which contribute to
teachers who work in schools with a diversity of challenges, in disadvantaged,
interethnic and intercultural, or difficult socio-economic environments.