Awareness Raising Event in Greece

The Internation Conference ‘Commoning Practices in Education for Social Inclusion’ took place on 4 February back to back to the Inclusion4Schools project.

 The  international conference borught together researchers, practitioners, teachers, university students, municipalities, civil society organizations, activists, journalists, and policy-makers to present commoning practices resulting from ongoing projects on social inclusion, youth, childhood, and education, and to discuss the potentiality of a commons-based education to enhance inclusion, and to inform political decision-making processes.

The conference intends to discuss values and practices of commons in the field of formal, non-formal and informal education, and also to present innovative methodologies and tools for the development of a commons-based educational environment helping children and young people to act as commoners. Through the presentation and discussion of a variety of ‘Commoning Practices’, the participants will gain theoretical and practical insight around the commons’ logic of sharing and caring, co-participation in the production or provision of knowledge and the competences needed for building and strengthening the identity of commoner in the educational field and achieving active social inclusion.

The commoning practices approached mainly through the lens of a. Sociology of education, childhood and youth, b. Communication, and c. Technology.

Papers, panels, and workshops were held in the following areas:

  • Educational commons and social refiguration
  • Alternative pedagogies and educational commons: convergences & divergences
  • Environmental, urban, cultural, political and digital commons and education
  • Art, creativity and educational commons
  • Peer to peer learning and governance
  • Teachers and pupils/students as commoners
  • Active social inclusion via informal and non-formal learning pathways
  • Active listening and conflict resolution in educational commons