Awareness Raising Event in Bulgaria

The Inclusion4School project is preparing many types of events! At the Awareness Raising Events, we welcome everyone to come and talk together about our project’ topics. The second awareness raising event will be hosted by the CEGA consortium member.

What is the purpose of these events?

  • Communicate the project activities, results and conclusions to the widest possible audience
  • to target and engage specific audiences and stakeholders that will benefit from the project results and to captivate their interest in the outcomes
  • Disseminating project results
  • Raising awareness about the project
  • Promoting project’s events and contests
  • Bringing together professional community around the project
  • Bringing together citizens around the project.

Everyone is welcome at the Awareness Raising Events. If you’re interested in what events we have coming up, check our calendar or contact us

The agenda will also be available soon.