First Meeting with the PIONEERD RIA project – report

“I4S project is strongly linked to other two H2020 projects, (1) the Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe (PIONEERED)
and (2) Educational Common Spaces. Passing through enclosures and reversing inequalities (SMOOTH) Research and Innovation Action projects. Both consortiums invited us to their kick-off meetings to introcuce our projects, find common activities, cooperation possibilities.
I4s project representatives: Béla Kardon and Margit Erb (RCISD) attended the SMOOTH kick-off this Wednesday.”

On 24 March, the kick-off of PIONEERD project, the collaboration between the two projects were set up. As on the SMOOTH project start meeting, Béla Kardon and Margit Erb represented the I4S project and the following cooperation possibilities after getting to know the participating organisations and introducing I4S project:
– Community building;
– Enhancing the cooperation of researchers, developers, educators and other educational actors, but also between students, parents & teachers;
– To interact with the two parallel running RIA projects to enhance synergies and cooperation between them and amongst the relevant stakeholders;
– To generate networks for research and policy development;
– Common communication and dissemination, awareness raising events together;
– Exchange of information, events, news, etc.

Our Intro: