First Meeting with the PIONEERD RIA project

“I4S project is strongly linked to other two H2020 projects, (1) the Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe (PIONEERED)
and (2) Educational Common Spaces. Passing through enclosures and reversing inequalities (SMOOTH) Research and Innovation Action projects. Both consortiums invited us to their kick-off meetings to introcuce our projects, find common activities, cooperation possibilities. The first meeting will be this week with PIONEERD project.”

This Wednesday, the PIONEERD project organizes its kick-off meeting.

The main objective of the RIA PIONEERED is to determine research-informed policy measures and identify pioneering policies and practices to mitigate (intersectional) inequalities in access to, uptake and completion of education, both in formal and informal educational settings. This involves

– mapping emerging and existing sources of educational inequalities over the course of educational careers from early childhood to tertiary education
– mapping responses to inequalities as pioneering policies and practices from a comparative perspective
– synthesising the findings and identifying the most promising tools, pioneering policies and practices within and across European countries.

The coordinator is the University of Luxembourg.