First Meeting with the SMOOTH RIA project

I4S project is strongly linked to other two H2020 projects, (1) the Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe (PIONEERED) and (2) Educational Common Spaces. Passing through enclosures and reversing inequalities (SMOOTH) Research and Innovation Action projects. Both consortiums invited us to their kick-off meetings to introcuce our projects, find common activities, cooperation possibilities. The first meeting will be this week with SMOOTH project.

SMOOTH project critically draws out the implications of the commons for refiguring education and for social change in general, on a footing of equality, sharing, participation, togetherness, caring and freedom. In particular, it proposes an innovative action research program with and by children to:

– reverse inequalities faced by children from vulnerable social groups;
– strengthen inter-cultural and inter-generational dialogue and social integration;
– develop vital social and personal skills for the children and adults;
– create smooth spaces of democratic citizenship and experimentation with new ways of thinking and doing on the basis of equality, collaboration, collective creativity, sharing and caring;
– build and foster community through differences.

Tne coordinator is the University of Thessaly, Greece.
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