First Open School Class in Albania

Open School Classes are a form of community learning processes, that encourage enhanced knowledge, and building communities around the education processes. The community events aim at identifying local actors, strengthening and maximizing the local synergies and efforts to support quality education and inclusive approaches for the partner schools selected to be part of I4S activities.

The event starts at 11 a.m, 23th of February that is on the agenda and is foreseen to run around 4 hours. The Open School class is a series of three events, and  it is a learning community event foreesen to be implemented in the 4 consortium countries of I4S Project.
The first Open School Class is starting in Albania and is organised in the small town of  Peqin , central Albania.
The Albanian  I4S Project Team has contacted and invited 25 community representatives to be part of the series of events.  The community representatives are all surrounding stakeholders of “Hasmashaj ” I4S partner School. They come from the school, parents , local government , civil society organisations and activists, education local offices and other interested parties.

The issue of access in healthcare and preventative measures that could be taken for children welfare, will gather different local stakeholders like; local government representatives, school representatives, parents, local education office, civil society, healthcare representatives and other active members of the community.

The aim of this event will be to foster local coordination and provide for a solid basis to initiate a permanent local structure to address educational issues.

Agenda of the Event