Status Update Meeting

On 22nd February a Status Update meeting was held online by Zoom. The event was opened and closed by Flórián Sípos from John Wesley Theological College.

The topic of this meeting was the current status of consortium partners.

The program was as follows:

-Report on WP1 deliverable: extension and plans for policy mix peer review by Péter Tóth & Zsuzsanna Hanna Biró

-WP3–Task 3.1 and 3.2: Community events and open school classes by Ralitza Sechkova & Envina Xhemi

-WP3–Task 3.2: Report on online platform development by Kornél Varga & György Mészáros

-WP2 – Task 2.1: Coordination of debates on accessibility of relevant data by Hanna Szekeres & Béla Kardon

-WP4 – Task 4.1: Supporting professional self-evaluation at segregated schools, concept by Éva Thun & Péter Tóth

-WP4 & WP6 & D1.3: Dissemination tasks and upcoming events by Béla Kardon

-WP8 changes in ethical and data protection issues by Barbara Szuromi

The agenda is available here