Tereske Open School Event – report

On May 19, 2022, we organized the first Open School Knowledge Sharing Forum of the Inclusion4Schools project at Tereske Primary School.

The topic of the occasion was the relationship between the Bayash and Romungro groups in the school. The program began with a roundtable discussion. The participants have changed compared to the previous program:
Árpád Bikkes, minority municipality leader of Tereske,
Sándor Bogdán, minority municipality leader of Szátok,
Pál Bogdán, municipality representative of Szátok,
Fanni Maszlag, sociologist,
and Kornélia Chikán, facilitator from Balassagyarmat. Our colleague, Judit Fleischer, was the moderator.

A workshop took place in the second half of the afternoon. Local teachers and parents discussed the following questions with the help of the facilitators and speakers:
What can the school do for integration between the different Roma groups?
What can families (parents and children) do for strengthening the relationship between the different Roma groups in the school?
A lively dialogue has developed on the subject. At the end of the program, the two groups shared their opinion.

During the event, the Eco Small Community in Bercelszeg provided handicraft activity for the children.