The second community-building event in Pécs – report

On 9 December, 2022, we held the second Community building event in the St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School and Kindergarten. Unfortunately, there were less participants than we expected both for the stakeholder’s dinner and the community building event. Apart from the facilitators, 11 people joined the workshop: the principals of the school and the kindergarten, teachers and workers of the school (some of them parents as well), municipal officials, a Roma activist and a university professor. The mixed groups were given the task to create a character who is a typical representative of the local community (parent, grandparent, student, teacher) and to present him/her and his/her life in 2032. The participants then discussed how the factors identified in the SWOT analysis would affect the characters. The participants highlighted the importance of self-awareness, supportive environment and personalized adult attention to children. They identified the need to strengthen the relationship between the parents and the school. The participants gave positive feedback at the end of the session.