The third community-building event in Abaújkér – report

On 19 January 2023, we held the third community building event in the Wesley János Family Day Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School, Vocational School and College, Abaújkér. There were 21 participants: the school principal, teachers, representative of the maintainer, parents, representatives of the Roma minority government and a child welfare specialist. A local teacher, who became a very enthusiastic supporter of the programme, helped to organize the event. The objective of this session was to come up with ideas and start planning action to address the main problem areas of the community identified in the previous two workshops. In the beginning the facilitators presented the problem areas to the participants and explained to them how these are linked with the results of the SWOT analysis and the vision making session. With the World Café method each participant had the opportunity to contribute to each topic. After a break participants came up with the action plans in groups. The groups presented the ideas, and the participants voted which of the plans they thought were important to implement and to the plans they felt they wanted to participate in. The introduction of Roma role models, the abuse prevention and the family day were the most popular plans. After the workshop the project staff visited two Roma families with the help of the local organizer.