10 Reasons for Inclusive Schools

Inclusion begins with the belief that all children should have equal access to education and should learn alongside their same-age peers. Discover all 10 reasons that inclusive schools are good for children and the wider community.

  1. All children have equal access to education.
  2. All children learn alongside their same-age peers.
  3. The focus of education is on the child’s abilities, not disabilities.
  4. Children become accepting and understanding of one another’s abilities, talents, personalities, and needs.
  5. Meaningful relationships and friendships develop as students spend quality time with one another.
  6. Students develop confidence in their ability to interact with one another and the world around them.
  7. Teachers in inclusive schools are highly trained and skilled at delivering appropriate, student-centered curriculum through differentiated activities according to ability level.
  8. In addition to the classroom teacher, students with disabilities are supported by special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and specialists such as Speech/Language Therapists.
  9. Various resources and assistive technologies are available to students in inclusive schools in an effort to reach and teach all learners.
  10. Inclusive schools value input and participation from the whole community, not just students, Everyone is welcome!