A Look Back: Annual Congress 2023 of the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SGBF) and the Swiss Society for Teacher Education

The Annual Congress 2023 of the Swiss Society for Educational Research (SGBF) and the Swiss Society for Teacher Education (SGL) took place at the University of Teacher Education in Zurich (Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich). This year’s congress was dedicated to the framework theme “Times of upheaval? Education between Persistence and Change”.

In this context, PIONEERED’s Robin Benz and his co-author Tobias Ackermann from the Interfaculty Centre for Educational Research (ICER) at the University of Bern (UBERN) presented a poster on cut-off dates for school enrollment and the consequences for educational outcomes. The underlying study explores the question of how persistent relative age effects are on school competencies. Overall, it shows that relative age effects are persistent enough to cause educational inequalities.

To find out more about the research approach and findings, open the poster below: