A spring school for teachers was held in Velingrad, Bulgaria

Teachers from 20 schools in Southern Bulgaria participated in the Spring School for Teachers from 10 to 12 May 2024 in Velingrad. The training was organised under the Inclusion4Schools project with the theme “Inclusive Education – Supporting Teachers to Build a Creative Community”.

The event focused on overcoming inequalities in education by improving communication between schools and other actors in the process: cultural and social institutions, local authorities, parents and the community, for a better education of children from the locality or school, which will also lead to a better life.

On the topic of community building, the participants shared experiences and opportunities for the school to become a community centre involving parents, local authorities, cultural and social institutions, local government.

Critical thinking as a set of skills for reflection, active participation in debate and decision-making, as well as communication skills in working with the local community, institutions and other parties relevant to the educational process have been also discussed in this context.