Abstract Booklet

A press release of the abstracts of the International Conference on Community-centred Approaches and Practices in Education has been published.

Abstract Booklet

An important and interesting publication has been made available to professionals and the general public.

The objective of the Inclusion4Schools Horizon 2020 EU project, which is the convenor of this conference, is to facilitate schools in disadvantaged locales in establishing robust connec-tions with their surrounding communities. This initiative aims to foster solidarity and inclu-sivity within school communities across Europe. The collaborative efforts of the consortium members from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia enhance cooperation among educa-tors, students, parents, social workers, municipal employees, civil activists, educational re-searchers, and policymakers.

The conference served as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to ex-plore strategies for eradicating educational disparities. Participants shared region-specific exemplary practices and highlighted the additional benefits of collaboration. The conference took place in Budapest, Hungary on the 28th and 29th of November 2023.

The publication summarizing the presentations of the 2nd international conference of the I4S project, on Community-centred Approaches and Practices in Education, held in Budapest has been published.
In numerous nations globally, the segregation of underprivileged areas is a significant chal-lenge within the spheres of education and society. Experts advocate for the advancement of education and the dismantling of school segregation as viable solutions. To achieve this, the mere implementation of educational policies is insufficient. Instead, the engagement and col-laboration of local entities and communities are imperative.

Pictures of the conference can be found HERE.