Addressing school inequalities at the policy level

Think Tank workshop of the Inclusion4Schools project, titled “Navigating the Path to Policy Impact: Insights from Projects addressing School Inequalities” aims to delve into crucial insights from two Horizon Europe projects, SMOOTH ( and PIONEERED ( During this session, we will discuss some key recommendations from the projects and explore how such recommendations can be translated into impactful strategies, particularly in reaching decision-makers at both the European and national levels. Furthermore, we will contemplate the potential of project policy recommendations as a foundation for EU legislative procedures.

This workshop promises an insightful discussion for experts invested in combating school segregation and inequalities, as well as those intrigued by the challenge of presenting policy recommendations to decision-makers.

Date: April 11th
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

The event is free, but registration is obligatory

The workshop will be conducted via ZOOM, accessible through the link provided on the registration form:

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