An inclusive school where: every child is welcome, every parent is involved and every teacher is valued

“This tool to upgrade teacher education activities was developed as part of the international effort to support the realisation of inclusive education. Inclusive education is understood here as quality education committed to the rights of every child and youth to education. Inclusive education is seen as by all international players as the key strategy to achieve quality education for all and ensure the right to education, especially for vulnerable and disadvantages groups.

One of the four strategic objectives of the European Union’s Education and Training 2020 Framework is the promotion of equity, social cohesion and active citizenship through high-quality inclusive education. Quality education relies on qualified teachers who are committed to continuous professional development. Diversity and inclusion pose challenges to teacher education, an issue taken up by the Council of Europe already some years ago resulting in the development of key competences for diversity (Council of Europe 2009).

Inclusive education and education for democratic citizenship and human rights education both require teachers that are willing and able to actively involve their students in the design of their own education, in decision-making as well as consider their interests and talents. Today’s teachers are not prepared well enough to allow or encourage active participation. Clearly, more efforts are needed to prepare all teachers for inclusive practices.”