Brings new light to the Roma community

The aim of Udvarfest is to shed new light on the Roma community and its art, thus helping to promote its social recognition.

Founded in 2005, the Miskolc company includes both Roma and non-Roma young people. Their aim is to use the tools of culture to build bridges between cultures and subcultures, between people and people, which can be crossed in all circumstances.

This year’s festival, which was held for the second time, attracted the vast majority of visitors and performers from the local community, but also from Austria and the United States.

The aim is to give children and young people in the area free access to concerts, music, arts and educational activities that they have limited access to because of their place of residence, social background or ethnicity.

The Courtyard Festival is a social music, culture and arts festival for understanding, knowledge and reconciliation. The event was first organised in the summer of 2022 in the disadvantaged village of Borsod.

The two-day cultural programme, organised by young volunteers, is an initiative to promote understanding, knowledge and reconciliation, bringing together people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and languages.