Bulgaria: the fourth project meeting in Medkovets as a celebration of the alphabet

On May 12, 2023, the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius, which the Orthodox Church celebrates according to the old style on May 11, was celebrated at the “Otets Paisiy”secondary scool in Medkovets, a project partner. This day is traditionally celebrated in Bulgaria as the day of the Bulgarian alphabet and literacy.

The celebration was organized with the support of the S.E.G.A. Foundation. and the Roma Foundation – Lom within the project Inclusion4Schools. In addition to the official guests, many parents and also former students of the school attended the celebration dedicated to Slavic primary teachers. Each of the classes had prepared its own presentation – some sang, others – like the sixth graders – presented a dramatization and the youngest – danced. In the lobby of the first floor of the school a charity bazaar was held with home-cooked food the funds from which will be used for the purchase of learning materials or for a cultural event – a theater performance, a cinema or a puppet theater for the little ones.

In the previous three meetings the problems and the role of the community, the strengths and weaknesses of the school in its work up to this point were discussed and the steps were outlined to develop long-term goals with the corresponding activities for its development in the coming years. The aim of the project is to develop models for successfully overcoming the closure of schools by involving the community – parents, cultural and social institutions.