Celebrating inclusion in education: Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum

Inclusion in education – Moving from policy to practice

The event convenes practitioners from different regions around the world to share experiences and highlight promising and innovative practices that will be channeled to policymakers and key stakeholders. The Forum will further encourage synergies between practitioners, schools and communities at local, regional and global levels for more impact. 

Teachers, principals and school personnel are in the frontline in the quest for inclusion, but they are not always well-prepared, supported and empowered to teach and create welcoming learning environments for a diverse student population.

Schools need to be reformed and practices need to be improved in ways that teachers feel supported in responding positively to diversity and in promoting gender equality.  

Collaboration between schools is also very important as it can help reduce the polarization of schools, to the particular benefit of those students who are marginalized at the edges of the system. School-to-school collaboration can also strengthen the capacity of individual organizations to respond to learner diversity. 


Photo: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock