Fair, Green and Digital Transition in Education and Labour Market Policies in the Danube Region

The 12th International Stakeholder Conference of Priority Area 9 “People and Skills” of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) was take place on 23 May 2024, focusing on the critical challenges and opportunities associated with the fair, green, and digital transitions in the labour market and education systems across the Danube Region.

We were also pleased to have the Inclusion4Schools project participate in the event, contributing valuable insights and initiatives on fostering inclusive education.

Conference Overview

Hosted by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Republic of Austria, this pivotal conference is a cornerstone event of the 2024 Austrian Presidency of the EUSDR. The conference will be conducted on-site in English, with participants encouraged to bring forward questions, ideas, and initiatives.

Key Themes

The conference will explore four primary themes reshaping the labour market and education in the Danube Region:

  1. Green Transition:
    • The transition to a green economy is reshaping education and labour markets. Emphasizing the development of green skills is vital for filling roles in green jobs, which are crucial for fostering a climate-neutral and sustainable Danube Region.
  2. Digital Technologies:
    • The revolutionizing impact of digital technologies, especially artificial intelligence, on work and learning environments. Adapting to digitalization requires acquiring new skills to effectively navigate its challenges and capitalize on its opportunities.
  3. Inclusivity:
    • Ensuring inclusivity is critical in this dynamic landscape. Addressing the significant economic and social disparities within the Danube Region, it is essential to ensure the digital and green transitions are fair and inclusive, prioritizing the integration of vulnerable groups.
  4. Youth Involvement:
    • Involving the youth is imperative for shaping a fair, green, and digital future for the Danube Region. Their perspectives and participation are crucial in driving forward these transformative changes.

EUSDR’s Role and Impact

Within the framework of the EUSDR, Priority Area 9 “People and Skills” provides a crucial platform for addressing these challenges. This priority area emphasizes labour market dynamics and education policies, serving as a foundation for initiatives, projects, and policies. It also contextualizes broader European strategies such as the European Green Deal, the European Pillar of Social Rights, and the European Skills Agenda within a regional framework.

The EUSDR plays an essential role in fostering a more inclusive and cohesive Europe, creating a level playing field for EU Member States and candidate countries. Given the ongoing geopolitical tensions, particularly Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the importance of coordinated efforts in labour and education policies cannot be overstated. Priority Area 9, jointly coordinated by Austria, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova, exemplifies innovative cooperation with emerging candidate countries.