First spring school for teachers, school principals and educational mediators by Inlcusion4Schools in Bulgaria

From 15 to 17 March 2024, the first Spring School for teachers, principals and educational mediators was held in Varshets within the Inclusion4Schools project. It was attended by 45 people from schools in Northwestern Bulgaria. They received new knowledge on the following topics:

  • Critical thinking: critical thinking can be described as the ability to think reflectively and independently. The topic includes the use of reasoning skills, active participation in debate and decision-making;
  • Communication: communication skills are essential when working with others – local community, institutions, etc. Skills of expression, clarity of expression, volume of information provided. Empathy, respect and understanding of non-verbal cues play an important role in communication, both with students, parents and the community;
  • Building community: sharing experiences and opportunities for the school to become a community hub involving parents, local authorities, cultural and social institutions, local government.

The selected topics were highly appreciated by the participants because they provoke reflection and support the future work of each teacher, who can adapt them to their own teaching practices.