Inclusion4School Think-tank events

The Inclusion4School project is preparing many types of events! Through think-tank workshops, professionals can discuss scientific issues related to the project such as collection of research data.

What is the purpose of these events?

  • bringing knowledge and policy making together;
  • coordinate and support interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral think-tank to develop ideas and suggestions in order to enlarge the efficiency of the EU policy concerning social inclusion;
  • to collect recommendations from different professional actors;
  • collecting suggestions of a think-tank of different professional groups for the developing the methodology for identifying the key factors which lead to segregation;
  • comprises a network of actors from different sectors, including the academia, business and government agencies, which is designed to act as a space of social and cognitive intermediation geared towards the recognition of the community based approach in education as a viable policy by providing supporting statistical data and research based evidence;
  • representatives of every country should be involved – as well as from countries involved in the parallel running research and innovation actions.

How many events of this type will the project organize?

  • We plan to organize at least 12 events across Europe. 8 in person and 4 online. 

Topics addressed

  • We ask a sample of researchers from each country who present specific cases of segregation in a concise continuous study to determine the extent to which their specific local situation was reflected in the statistics available before the research, and whether the statistics are relevant to the direction and magnitude of the national average. 
  • We are asking middle-aged and older researchers for information on how the data reporting system and the administration’s ability to support / hinder the collection of research data changed between 2000 and 2020.
  • Inclusion4Schools will interact with / enhance synergies and cooperation between other relevant projects selected under this topic. In cooperation with the RIAs the project will generate networks to ensure the highest possible outreach and dissemination of the project and its results.

Should you be an expert in the topic, please come and attend to one of the following workshops:

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