International conference on good practices and potentials in educational inclusion and
desegregation in Budapest

The Inclusion4Schools H2020 project supports segregated schools in underprivileged regions,
in the formation of bonds with their immediate social environments. Supporting inclusive
pedagogy within public education and supporting segregated schools to create a more
cohesive educational system, the consortium, consisted by Albanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian
and Slovak partners facilitates the emergence of solidary and inclusive school communities.
Involving other EU-funded projects, Inclusion4Schools is organising an international
conference on the 7th and 8th of November 2022 at Nádor str. 15, 1051 Budapest (CEU
auditorium) to bring together researchers, practitioners, journalists, and policy-makers to
discuss the challenges and opportunities of education to reverse inequalities, to interpret
existing narratives, national competences and European initiatives to present good practices
resulting from the on-going projects, and to inform political decision-making processes. In
view of the COVID pandemic, this event offers a rare opportunity to engage with various
stakeholders across Europe.

The conference was included in the series of events for the celebration of Hungarian science,
the annual festival of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

For the agenda of the conference clikk HERE.