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Let’s work together to create a more inclusive and equitable future for education!

At Inclusion4Schools, we’re passionate about tackling social inequalities and fostering solidarity within our education systems. With around 100 million people in the EU living in households at risk of poverty and exclusion, it’s crucial to address the root causes and empower communities to create change.

Our Mission:
Inclusion4Schools aims to transform education by supporting segregated schools in underprivileged regions and fostering strong bonds with their communities. We believe that inclusive pedagogy and community support are essential for overcoming social inequalities and building cohesive societies.

Key Objectives:

  • Promoting Inclusive Education: We advocate for inclusive pedagogy within public education and support segregated schools in creating more cohesive educational systems.
  • Building Solidarity: We facilitate the emergence of solidary and inclusive school communities by coordinating cooperation between teachers, students, parents, social workers, activists, researchers, and policymakers.
  • Transformative Partnerships: We create spaces for dialogue and collaboration, where diverse stakeholders can come together to address the public issue of education and develop transformative educational practices.
  • International Collaboration: While our consortium partners are from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia, we aspire to reach a global audience and make a difference in education worldwide.