Knowledge sharing and networking portal of the Inclusion4Schools project

The Inclusion4Schools project has created an online space, a networking and knowledge-sharing portal that aims to bring together key players in the education system to share experiences and best practices.

This portal has been developed in the frame of the Inclusion4Schools project and aims to support schools dealing with disadvantaged students to become inclusive school communities for the sake of social and community change.

This portal provides a communication platform where teachers, researchers, civil society organizations and community representatives can share their ideas, methods and research results and thus form collaborations.

  • Good Practices
    • The aim of this portal is to provide a collection of good practices that have been developed in communities of disadvantaged schools.

  • Documents
    • On the portal, we share documents that can help support intitutional developmnet in disadvantaged areas.

  • Events
    • In addition to sharing digital material, the portal also allows you to organise meetings in person or online.

  • Institute Profiles
    • A key aim of the website is to create a dialogue between institutions.

  • Workshops
    • A workshop is a cooperative work of a closed group with a specific purpose.

  • Forums
    • Forums help to create a dialogue on good practices, documents and enable institutions and practitioners to learn from each other in a reflective way.

  • User Profiles
    • There are 3 level of user rights for registered persons:
      • regional administrator for each country,
      • school/institutional administrator,
      • individual user.

The portal can be accessed at: