Report on the You Should Start the Change! training for teachers

On 27-29 April 2023, we held our spring training for educators, entitled You Should Start the Change! 4Cs – Critical, Communicative, Creative and Community-Building Pedagogical Practices. 

52 teacher colleagues from 32 institutions joined the training in Esztergom, including primary and secondary schools, NGOs and higher education institutions.

The three-day event presented techniques and methods to help professionals working with students from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of challenges. Participants took part in practical, interactive and collaborative exercises that, breaking away from the traditional framework of teacher training in Hungary, focused on developing creative thinking skills.

The tasks were led by the Inclusion4Schools project staff (Hanna Zsuzsina Bíró, Mária Fruzsina Tóth, Éva Thun) and invited experts (Anita Nagy and Borbála Takács from the Kacsakő Association, Erzsébet Molnár and Csilla Mitró, headmaster and teacher of the Petőfi Sándor Primary School in Taktakenéz, and Klára Gulyás from the University of Tokaj-Hegyalja).

In their feedback, the participants highlighted that the training provided them with several techniques that they can use in their daily work and that helped their professional development.