“The aim is to enable the Roma to improve their living conditions” – said the hungarien Government Commissioner for Roma Relations

Attila Sztojka, the Government Commissioner for Roma Relations gave interview about the Roma citizens situation of Hungary, and introduced the govenment’s plans and action.

In Hungary 49% of the Roma population have paid work among 20-64 aged citizens, and 52% of Roma, aged 16-24 unemployed or don’t recieve education or training. The plight is critic, however not in Hurgary has the most serious Roma crisis in Europe. Due to the segregated areas failure, lack of education the workforce competitiveness left behind from the standard and it makes the chance of the progression more unreachable in mid-time period.

For more details of situation of Hungarian Roma etnicity check out this video.

For the interview (via google chrome you can read it in english) click here.

Photo: Tamás Nagy / Index