The difficulties of distance learning in rural areas through the lens of Ákos Stiller

The crown virus epidemic has presented Hungarian schools with unprecedented challenges: they had to switch to digital education almost overnight.

As reported earlier by Index, a report by the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) revealed that “five percent of students in public education were unable to participate in digital education from the outset, and those who did were unable to receive education of uniform quality nationwide”.

Now a series of photographs by Ákos Stiller brings us closer to how students and parents in rural and remote villages have experienced these difficulties. Stiller also visited families where not only internet access but even electricity supply was a problem. The photographer came into contact with the families concerned through the Igazgyöngy Foundation, run by Nóra L. Ritók.

Stiller has been a photojournalist for HVG for many years and has been freelancing for a while, working for major newspapers and media such as National Geographic, the New York Times, CNN, Spiegel and the Washington Post.

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Photo by Ákos Stiller – Nikolasz and Csabi cycling between two lessons in Farkaslyuk, Borsod county, Hungary