The Roma made up for their educational backwardness

The data from a nationally representative study by the Trust for Social Achievement was presented at the beginning of 2021 aimed to determine the current educational and employment status among Roma communities in Bulgaria. It has as a baseline the findings of identical research conducted in 2011. Some key findings:

• The share of Roma attending school has increased in all age groups since 2011. This shows that a growing number of children in the Roma community are taking part in the educational system.

• Kindergarten attendance is strongly correlated with higher levels of educational attainment. Each year spent in kindergarten increases the chances of completing secondary and higher education.

• There is also an increase (six times) in the share of persons who have completed higher education (from 0.4% in 2011 to 2.6% in 2019).

• Household income has increased in Roma communities, with higher educational levels strongly correlated to higher household income. Over the past decade, significant investments have been made to increase access to education and educational attainment for marginalized groups in Bulgaria. However, the study provides data that segregation between Roma and Bulgarians at school is deepening. Almost every second student of Roma origin attends a school where Roma predominate More from the study here:

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