The Working Groups of the EEA strategic framework take up their work

Seven new Working Groups will contribute to the EU’s policy cooperation process in the field of education and training. 

Group of elementary school kids running at school, back view

Making the EEA a reality

European Union (EU) Member States and the European Commission have a shared vision for the future of education and training.

This will benefit all learners, educators and teaching institutions alike by ensuring inclusive access to high-quality learning and skills development. 

Various mechanisms and instruments contribute to a achieving the European Education Area and the exchange of information between Member States. 

The Working Groups

The main forum for mutual learning will be the seven dedicated Working Groups of the EEA strategic framework.

Building on the results of the ET 2020 Working Groups, as part of the new cycle of European cooperation in education and training (2021-2030) in line with the European Education Area Communication and the 2021 February Council Resolution, the Working Groups will make a strong contribution to making the European Education Area a reality.

The seven Working Groups will focus on the following themes:

  • Early childhood education and care
  • Schools, including Sub-groups on
    • Pathways to School Success
    • Education for Environmental Sustainability
  • Higher education
  • Vocational education and training and the green transition
  • Adult learning – Opening up opportunities for all
  • Digital education: Learning, training and assessment
  • Equality and values in Education and Training

What will the Working Groups do?

Through the Working Groups, representatives from EU Member States, stakeholder organisations and social partners are brought together on a regular basis to share information about reforms to national education policies and to inspire positive change throughout the EU. 

The Working Groups will continue their work until their current mandate expires in December 2025. 

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