We had 7 challenges

It would not be entirely true to say that everything always works easily. As with any project, challenges can arise during the process.We defined 7 challenges by the end of the 1st year. Among these were:

  1. a strong start has its price and its benefits, and it is not enough to look only at the benefits
  2. we need to learn to manage our resources, but like any learning it is also a process, and we need the support of more experienced people
  3. the achievement of project objectives is not an administrative obligation, but an exceptional opportunity that we can either use or not
  4. we must accept that every step we take will cause a storm, so we must strengthen ourselves .
  5. professionalism without perfectionism can bring us closer to achieving our goals
  6. we have already encountered so many obstacles that adaptation will be one of the keys to successful implementation of the project plan
  7. the other key to our success is effective and regular communication in all directions: within the WP teams, with the parallel running projects, with our partner schools and with other stakeholders