We started meetings with local school communities in Bulgaria

The first working meeting at local level in Bulgaria under the Inclusion4Schools Project took place on March 4, 2022 in one of the halls of the secondary school “Otets Paisii” in the village of Medkovets.

It was attended by parents, teachers, members of the Public Council of the school, the mayor of Medkovets. The interest in the meeting is evidenced by the fact that twice as many people came to it as expected. The project and the activities to be carried out jointly by the school and the community were presented at the meeting.

In the ensuing discussion, a number of proposals were made for topics to be included in the forthcoming Open Classes. In his speech, the mayor of the municipality Ventsislav Evgeniev welcomed the inclusion of the school and the municipality in the project and stated his full support for its implementation, together with the school, the cultural and social institutions.

Watch a short video from the meeting