We work with two Research and Innovations Actions Projects

The two RIA projects were always welcome at the project events. We have learned a lot of important things from the RIAs as well as from the consortium, shared experiences. We hope to continue to work effectively with RIAs and other projects in the future. A common Action Plan is under development.

1-PIONEERED-“With the EU-funded research project PIONEERED, we are striving to promote educational equality in Europe. By determining research-based policy measures and identifying pioneering policies and practices, we will aim to mitigate inequalities in formal and informal education settings. Most importantly, the PIONEERED project will take into account the diversity of inequalities, countries, educational stages and involved actors and the need for customised solutions.”

2-SMOOTH-The EU-funded SMOOTH project will focus on active social inclusion and examine if the educational commons can operate as a catalyst to inverse inequalities in education. The project proposes an innovative action research programme engaging children and youth to reverse inequalities that children and youth of vulnerable social groups face.

On the website, under the our community tab, we have created a map showing the RIAs as well as other partners too.