What is SEDIN about?

“SEDIN is a project that believes that the use of creative methodologies in the school classroom has the potential to facilitate the social inclusion of children with refugee / migrant or minority background in their school environment, promote the cooperation between children, improve the classroom environment and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. During the last two years SEDIN tried to increase effectively the educational performance of these children in the elementary school and improve their general integration in the mainstream society by transferring and upscaling two educational methodologies: the Montessori Method and the Creative Learning method. Both these methods are based on movement, creativity, cooperation and non-verbal communication and help the children to enjoy the lesson and express their talents.

In the framework of the SEDIN project, a large number of elementary school teachers have received training on how to implement these methods in the classroom and then proceeded to the practical implementation of the methods with their children. The change they have seen is significant. Children that were shy, started to participate more, the cooperation in class has increased and children improved their educational performance.

SEDIN is a step to make our classes more creative and more inclusive. The practical implementation in the classes has proved that Montessori and Creative Learning Methods can be the keys to a different school.”

Source: SEDIN-project

Photo from unsplash