WING supports launch of program for development of disadvantaged children

Once again, this year, WING is providing a donation of a total of 7 million HUF to support the work of the SOS Children’s Villages. In addition to a donation of 5 million HUF to be used for the organisation’s general operations, the company is providing a further 2 million HUF for the implementation of the Recode Your Life program. The initiative supports the integration and development of 100 disadvantaged and underperforming Hungarian and Ukrainian children.

Each year since 2018, WING has supported the work of the SOS Children’s Villages. This year, in addition to a general donation of 5 million HUF, the company is providing a further 2 million in targeted support for the implementation of a special program to assist the integration of disadvantaged children. The initiative Recode Your Life by SOS is a one-year program for disadvantaged children who are struggling with low motivation and underperformance. The project is a joint initiative of the SOS Children’s Villages and the Global Human Dignity Foundation (GHDF). It provides 100 children – 80 Hungarian and 20 Ukrainian refugees – with personality-development and confidence-building support, as well as English language instruction and classes in coding. The experts of the program use methods custom-tailored to the children and work closely with families through special motivational tools to help prepare them as well as possible for the labor market. Individual attention and comprehensive programs to aid participants’ integration are key features of the approach. The young people participating in the program also receive a scholarship, which in addition to serving as a motivational tool also helps teach financial skills.

The knowledge acquired by participants of the Recode Your Life by SOS project lay the foundations of the children’s private lives as well as their professional futures. We are delighted to have the ability to implement this program this year, in part thanks to the donation. The project will help Hungarian children as well as Ukrainian children who have fled to Hungary from the war,” said Ágnes Romet-Balla, director of fundraising and communications of the SOS Children’s Villages Hungary Foundation.

”The success of the future depends on young people. As a leading Hungarian and regional real estate company, we believe it is important to support the development of younger generations and to assist those who are disadvantaged or who must overcome greater obstacles to get ahead. We have therefore decided this year to provide the SOS Children’s Villages with a contribution, in addition to our regular donations provided since 2018, for the Recode Your Life by SOS program as well. It was an important consideration for us that the program includes children fleeing to Hungary from the war,” said Noah Steinberg, Chairman & CEO of WING.

In its over twenty years of existence, WING has strived to ensure that its activity and the buildings it develops – in addition to providing architectural and functional benefits – are valuable also from the point of view of the national economy and society. This long-term approach holds true for the company’s activities related to social affairs. WING’s CSR strategy therefore focuses primarily on the integration and talent care of children and young people. Since the early 2000s, the company has supported through donations a children’s hospital (the donation of an incubator), the realisation of children’s programs, long-term children’s foundation supports, the launch of a scholarship program as well as playground construction projects.