Year evaluation

In 2022, the Inclusion4Schools team delivering a number of events this year, and several milestones achieved:

  • Think tank workshops brought together researchers from across Europe during the year (Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece and Portugal). Through joint reflection, we gained insights into data collection methods, data collection in different countries, data collection and data access restrictions. Our aim is to promote data harmonisation in Europe, to make statistics from different countries comparable.
  • Awareness raising events were organised in all four partner countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia) to engage not only the professional audience but also the wider public in the dialogue on school inequalities.
  • In November, we organised our first international conference in Budapest with the RIA partner projects (SMOOTH and PIONEERED).
  • In Hungary, we held community building sessions and Open School knowledge-sharing workshops (Open School class) in five primary schools with the participation of local educators, parents, decision-makers and professionals. We have contributed to the community of segregated schools and the local community looking together at local resources and difficulties. School events have also taken place in Albania and Bulgaria.
  • In Hungary, focus group interviews were launched, bringing together (virtually) representatives of teacher training institutions and public education institutions around the same table. The discussions will focus on preparing teacher candidates to work with disadvantaged students, assessing the needs of schools and the possibilities for teacher training.
  • We continued to develop our knowledge sharing portal.

We thank all our partners and colleagues for working together in 2022 and we look forward to 2023 with further enthusiasm.