Youth MIND Education: Youth Migrants’/Minorities’ Inclusion, Nonviolence, Diversity Education (yMIND) – Comprehensive diversity competence training in school setting

we continue our series of Good practices.

The general objective of yMIND is to strengthen capacity of educational professionals, youth and community workers for implementation of diversity education for better social inclusion of disadvantaged young learners through upscaling of two good-practice models in formal and non-formal education settings in four EU Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece.

To achieve the yMIND partners will adapt and test two good-practice training models interlinking three core themes into a more holistic education model:

(1) understanding diversity, respecting differences , incl. those related to multi-ethnicity,

(2) promoting gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence (GBV), and

(3) prevention of bullying and discrimination.

The first professional material from this project is available here: Comprehensive diversity competence training in school setting : Synopsis of a good-practice model I with practical toolbox for piloting and taking to scale within the yMIND project in four EU countries