Project reports

M22 Second Interim Meeting Report

It was the eighth interim meeting of the project and actually the second one to be held in person. The scope of the meeting was focused on discussing the status of the project, identifying any issues or challenges that have arisen, and developing a plan for addressing them.

Partners provided detailed updates on their respective areas of responsibility and discuseds any challenges they are facing. The meeting also involved reviewing project timelines, budget and resource allocation, and any changes to the project scope or objectives.

Other key topics include the sharing of good practices, alignment of communication strategies and approaches, and the revision of common goals and objectives. The meeting also involved brainstorming and problem-solving sessions to address any issues and  challenges that have arisen, in this particular case  a closer cooperation is needed in the launch and operation of the knowledge sharing portal.

Overall, the scope of the interim update meeting was to provide a forum for open and transparent communication among the different partners involved in the project, to ensure that the project is progressing as planned and that any issues or challenges are identified and addressed in a timely manner.