C.E.G.A. Foundation
Project Leader & PLS

Mr Sechkov is Master of History, Doctor of Contemporary History with a number of publications and studies in Sovietology and about the Roma communities in Bulgaria. Along with his work at the institute for history at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, he has 30 years of experience in the civic sector. He is a founder of C.E.G.A. Foundation and executive director since 2004.

“From my experience gained over the years of direct work for the development of Roma communities, I am convinced that inequality and the Roma rejection by the majority is due to the isolation of Roma from the macro society. This isolation is especially evident and affects the education of children and youngsters. Therefore, convinced in the importance of Roma educational and social integration, I join this project believing that the planned research and community building actions will contribute to further policy changes and to closing the gaps in education of disadvantaged Roma communities.”

WP Manager (WP3)

Ralitza Sechkova is Master of History, Doctor of Contemporary History with diverse professional experience in research and program interventions for Roma inclusion, working as an expert in NGOs, a key expert on TA projects, as consultant to UNICEF Bulgaria and in recent years again in the C.E.G.A. Foundation.

“I have always believed that community change in an isolated community like Roma must come from within and cannot take place without the participation of the community itself. That is why this project is important to me as a new opportunity to involve the Roma themselves in the process of reversing inequality and exclusion, and of eradicating the segregation in Roma education.”

Galin Borodinov
Communication expert

Galin holds PhD degree in mass communications and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of journalism, mass media and PR having started his career as investigative reporter. As communication expert he managed numerous communication projects supporting the social transition and the EU integration in CEE. Enthusiast drone pilot and wing surfer.

“Equal access to good primary education has critical importance for the successful development of our societies and I hope this project will provide some clear answers how can this be achieved. Glad to contribute to that end with taking part in this project.”

Jossif Nunev
Senior Researcher

Mr Nunev is Master of Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences; professor at the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Pedagogical College – Pleven.

“I walked all the way from a teacher and then a director in a segregated school for Roma children, throughout a state expert at the Ministry of Education and Science to the position of a University professor. I am a Roma by birth and I am convinced that education is the way to develop my community. That is why I have dedicated my professional career to Roma education. By joining this project as an expert on educational policies aimed at desegregation of schools in the Roma neighborhoods and improving the quality of education in schools in rural areas, I would contribute my experience and scientific knowledge to the implementation of project activities. And they are especially important for the future of disadvantaged communities. “