Equal opportunity and best innovation practices in the Hungarian – US Ag. Sector


Yesterday RCISD team attended the webinar on equal opportunity and best innovation practices in the Hungarian-US Agriculture sector to find out about existing best practices in Hungary and the US in the given sector.

After the welcome notes of Béla Kocsy, Agricultural Attaché, Dewayne Goldmon, Ph.D, Senior Advisor for Racial Equity to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Dale Moore, Executive Vice President, American Farm Bureau Federation continued welcoming the participants and expressing their pleasure to see the changes in the Agriculture sector and know more about best practices in Hungary and the US.

We could hear about the AgroRehab Nonprofit Kft. producing and marketing of agricultural products where 15 autistic and 27 disabled colleagues work. György Szabó, CEO talked about how these workers are extremely enthusiastic about their job and what a great quality they can produce.

Then Péter Felcsúti continued introducing Kiútprogram, an employment program for the poorest helping people living in extreme poverty in North Eastern settlements in Hungary.

Last but not least, from the Hungarian part Margit Batthyány-Schmidt, Founder and President of Union of Hungarian Women and the President of Batthyány Heritage Foundation continued with the activities of the Union of Hungarian Women in Agriculture.

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