Fourth online think tank – report

Four of the originally planned online think tanks have already been held. 6 participants from 5 countries joined the discussion last Thursday, September 8th, including the head of our Albanian partner and Peter Krasztev (RCISD) who moderated the discussion. Poland, Norway and Israel were new participants.

Participants with different professional backgrounds had different opinions. One of them prioritized the integration of qualitative methods into data collection in order to provide nuanced data on the local manifestations of school inequalities. There was a consensus that mental health plays an important role in research on school inequalities, but there is a lack of data on this.

Participants agreed that neither annual national surveys, nor censuses, nor school surveys, nor international education surveys are sufficient for international harmonization in their current form. The goal is to develop an international and longitudinal data collection method that sheds the light on the various forms of school inequalities.

Among the face-to-face meetings, we held our next data collection event in Switzerland on 14 September, which we will report on separately.