Warning signs from Gyöngyöspata – the issue of school segregation and equal opportunities

Details form Mandiner’s article about the issue of segregation in education in Gyöngyöspata:

“…Of course, the local Roma community cannot be accused collectively, either here or elsewhere, of aiming or even making it more difficult for the school to do so and because of them there would be no opportunity to study, educate or socialize at school…”

“…as the settlement itself does not deserve to be a swear word, even if social tensions, bad decisions made locally or instructed externally have claimed lives or offered bodily harm, community terror, humiliated people, degraded destinies and collective stigma…”

“…There is nowhere for gypsies to question the value of the school as a man. But it is unfortunate to see that, with the growing number of Roma and disadvantaged students in schools since the early 2000s, educational difficulties have increased and changing circumstances have posed new challenges for teachers…”

“…Many non-Gypsy – and sometimes even Gypsy – parents from sending (meaning: letting) their children to schools where this trend is spectacularly embodied…” 

the future of a municipality as a whole can be determined by the deterioration of the perception of the local school, and how many choose not to return there after a while.
It all means that everything starts at school. School is a value in itself…” 

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